Come, laugh at my embarrassing musical taste

One night this week I, for some reason unknown, thought it'd be a good idea to make a playlist of one song off every album that I own. That's a lot of music, by the way.

So, a couple of hours later and this Spotify playlist is the result.

You'll probably have noticed that I've got a slight preference for noodling electronica and female singer-songwriters, with an added dash of blokes with guitars thrown in for good measure. It's nothing if not varied.

A few points to note though:

1. Spotify didn't have every album I owned. Where possible, I'd try and then find a song off that album and include that in the playlist, so don't necessarily think I go owning some of the more random albums on there. In particular, I was surprised at the lack of Underworld albums on Spotify. There's also several obscure folk bands, Roisin Murphy's Ruby Blue and 4 Hero's Two Pages missing, not to be found for love nor money. And the Sneaker Pimps track is off a remix album - the original is nowhere to be found.

2. Compilation albums, thankfully, weren't included in this, although film soundtracks were, hence a few songs from Chicago, Jackie Brown and Kill Bill in there.

3. Yes, there are a lot of greatest hits albums. What of it? I wasn't exactly flushed with cash and best ofs were often a good way to collect a lot of songs I liked in one place. If you're wondering why not so much Blur or Suede in there - I owned their albums on cassette tape, until The Great Gary Clearout of quite a few years ago where a lot of stuff I shouldn't have chucked out got chucked. Including a NES. Boy, do I regret that.

4. Ahem, yes, your eyes do not deceive you. I do own three U2 albums. In mitigation, I only purchased one of them. There are also a lot of albums I own but didn't buy. I don't shoplift, I've just acquired a lot of free stuff over the years.

5. Sadly there's no Echo and the Bunnymen in this list. I do not own any album that has The Killing Moon on it, and this makes me sad.

6. I own more albums by Eliza Carthy than anybody else. This is no bad thing. I probably don't have enough albums by Eliza Carthy, if truth be told. She is excellent and I've seen her more times than any other act, bar the Super Furry Animals.

And that's it. I'm not going to write out the tracklisting as I'd be here for ever. Grab a pair of earphones and have a snigger.