On which Gary mostly writes a lot of words about fan ownership

Hi, it's me. Yes, you may remember me. I used to write things on here. Not, perhaps, overly insightful things, but things - generally known as words - nonetheless. And then it went a bit quiet. So, er, yes. Sorry about that. Things got a bit busy, then I decided to take a short break, then I changed jobs. And, in between that, I spent the best part of a week writing a lot of articles for Pitch Invasion on fan ownership and Supporters' Trusts in football.

All the articles are collected here - and if you're interested in this aspect, please do stop by there, have a read and leave a comment. It's less about on-the-pitch, than off-the-pitch business and cultural aspects, although the game itself obviously informs things. I did several interviews for this and the answers were completely fascinating.

The articles, individually are:

An overview of the current state of Supporters' Trusts

The successes, so far, in the Trust / fan ownership movement.

And the failures.

A break from me writing as Terry Duffelen explores the Bundesliga fan-ownership model.

An interview with Brian Burgess, ex vice-chairman of Brentford, long-standing member of Bees United and Supporters' Direct board member.

How the concept of fan ownership is currently taking hold in England.

Where fan ownership goes in the future.

And that's that. I think that's more words than I wrote for my dissertation. Maybe I should do another degree on this topic.

Anyway, I'm now back, I'm slowly setting into the hugely enjoyable new job, my Macbook - which died last Sunday - has come back to life and I have a host of posts in my head.

So expect the next post on here sometime in May.