Final regular season podcast and more sub-Ebbsfleet gubbins

A couple of small things to keep this blog ticking over. First off, our final regular twofootedtackle pod of the season was recorded last week, but still sounds fresh as a daisy now. We always go all out at the end of the season, and this was no exception as we got the Sound of Football team in to join us. Plus, we also taste-tested those special World Cup-themed crisps (except you're not really allowed to call them that because of merchandising rights, and the like). Spanish Chicken Paella may, quite possible, be the most revolting thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Second off, as Ebbsfleet United and are one of of the few football issues I mention on here regularly, I thought I'd draw you attention to my post at twofootedtackle on The Five Pound Football Club.

I shouldn't be surprised that these schemes keep popping up. Somebody, somewhere either thinks they can succeed or make money from it but until the solve the annual renewal issue, it's just not feasible in my book.

My book also reckons they should start a club from scratch, but that's a completely different post for a different time.

Finally, a few people have asked what I'll be doing for the World Cup and the answer is sitting around, drinking beer and watching football. That and a few arbitrarily timed podcasts.

I'm probably not going to write much, if anything at all, about the World Cup, partly because there'll be so many others fighting for your attention, and partly because I don't feel international football is enough of a speciality of mine for me to bring anything different to the table. That may change if I get inspired, but I'd rather enjoy the tournament rather than worry about spouting the same lines as everybody else.

Besides, things like the unexplained disappearance of Grays Athletic from the footballing map are far more interesting.