Non-League Day

September 4th. Mark that date in your calendar. There's no Premier League or Championship football that day due to the international break, while England play the night before. A football free weekend, right? Wrong. There's still hundreds of non-league matches being played up and down the country that day, and James Doe has come up with a fantastic idea to support them.

James has declared September 4th Non-League Day and is urging football fans who'd normally watch a higher league game that day to head to a non-league match and show their support for grassroots football.

It's a fantastic campaign and one that's so simple you wonder why it's never been done before.

As somebody who got rather fond of non-league during Exeter's time in the Conference and still watches the occasional non-league game, I think it's a cracking idea.

It's also a great way to reacquaint yourself with the real heart and soul of football, especially if you're in any way disillusioned with Premier League football. Who knows, you may even get the non-league bug.

Ironically, I can't make it to any game that weekend due to a longstanding prior commitment, but if you're in footballing limbo that day, pop down and support your local club.

You can follow James on Twitter (@non_league_day) or sign up to the campaign on Facebook. And if you fancy going to a game but aren't sure where to head to, feel free to leave a comment here, along with your location (roughly), and I'd be happy to suggest a game for you.