New season, new twofootedtackle podcast

Amazingly, we've managed to get a new twofootedtackle podcast out at the start of the season. And even have a schedule to attempt to produce another one in September. Amazing. For this pod, Aberdeen and Dulwich Hamlet fan Mark Penman steps in for the soon-to-be-married Ryan Keaney, so naturally making sense of Scottish football is high on the agenda, while we talk to Jim Keoghan, author of Punk Football, on the future of fan ownership.

On a side note, it's really nice to be back podcasting and after a slightly inconsistent return - largely due to the fact we never seemed to know when we'd record - I think we're hitting an area that we're comfortable in: an extended interview, plus one or two topics in depth and reports from others, if space.

Somebody said our World Cup preview sounded a bit like something from Radio 4, which I was delighted by, as that's the sort of area we're hoping for. Something intelligent, irreverent and that makes you think rather than confirm what you already know (I'm probably a Reithian at heart with my broadcasting values).

We could have easily gone back to three blokes sitting behind a microphone shooting the breeze about the popular topics of the day, but in all honesty there are a lot of pods that do this far better than we could, plus the format feels a little stale.

There's very little point in aping the excellent and most-definitely-not-stale Football Weekly unless you bring something different to the table, and we certainly don't do that. Hell, I'd hardly even classify myself as a regular Premier League viewer these days.

Not that I'm claiming we're doing anything different or radical - we're really not - but allowing the topics to breathe and getting some different voices is much more relaxing. Trying to know everything about every single topic is exhausting and can be a bit patchy at times. I'd rather research one or two topics in depth than try to cover everything.